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5 overused fantasy tropes that need to go

NB I co-wrote this essay with a friend years ago. In mid-2020 I submitted it to a certain fantasy writers' website for publication. They rejected it because it wasn't politically correct. Fuck that  noise  shit. So here it is. Enjoy! Introduction We’ve been enamoured by the fantasy genre since we were adolescents. If fantasy didn’t exist, we probably wouldn't have been interested in reading. That doesn’t mean we love all works of fantasy, though, nor do we love everything about our favourites. Maybe it's because too many fantasy authors rely on tropes that have been sitting like thick tomes on a dusty shelf in some wizard’s lab (next to flasks of colourful liquids, bubbling and fuming) far longer than they probably should. We’re sick of hearing about: 5. Inns and taverns Apparently regarded by authors and readers alike as time honoured - even customary - stops for characters during tours of fantasy worlds, inns and taverns are places where skulduggery is guarant