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Worst party

It's the dawn of the 90s. I'm a fresh face at uni, and I meet an overseas student called Edmund. He's in one of my English tutorial groups. Seems pretty friendly. When he invites me to a party on a Friday night at something called the Celtic Club in the city centre, I say yes. My first uni bash! I'm stoked because until now I've lived a relatively sheltered life. I've heard university parties really go off, and I'm ready to get amongst it! Party! Friday night comes around. Woohoo! I get on the bus and go to the city. I find the Celtic Club. I'm ready to rock! But wait... how come there's no bouncer at the door? That's weird. There's a decent crowd inside, so surely that's a good sign? Everyone's playing limbo, though, which seems a little bit strange. And there's not a drop of booze in sight. I'm a little bit wary. I mean, we've got Australian uni undergrads... playing limbo... at a dry Irish club? It doesn't really ad