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Worst job interview

Or: How to dodge bullets It's late March, 2018. I’m interviewing for a job at a private ESL college in the Melbourne CBD. To get here I’ve taken a 3-hour bus trip and trekked some 30 minutes from Southern Cross. Great city, a nice place to visit, but there’s a lot of traffic and way too much going on. I'm not a fan of the Big Smoke. I’m about 20 minutes early for my interview, but I’m happy enough in the waiting area with my e-reader. My new leather shoes have been torturing my feet, though, especially that long ligament thingy which connects the shin to the upper foot. That bit really hurts. I haven’t worn trousers or a tie in ages, either, and I’m not exactly relishing the experience. On top of all this, the couch in the waiting area isn’t very comfortable and I’m trying to extract my underpants from my arse without the receptionist noticing. But, I've got stuff to read! Things could be worse. Eventually, INTERVIEWER emerges from the bowels of the college to greet me. He’