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A Song of Ice and Fire parody

A long time ago I'd have called myself a fan of George R. R. Martin's series A Song of Ice and Fire . For instance, I thoroughly enjoyed A Game of Thrones  and A Clash of Kings . I can honestly say that these books helped cement my absolute love of low fantasy mediaeval realism, and they also inspired me to write my own fantasy works. Unfortunately, I didn't like A Storm of Swords , nor did I particularly enjoy A Feast for Crows . It seemed to me as if Martin was starting to lose his way. It felt like the quality of his prose had taken a dive, and that he just wasn't delivering the story he'd originally set out to write. When  A Dance With Dragons  came out, at first I was reluctant to read it. But I did, mostly because I'd already invested so much time and energy in the series. I couldn't just walk away, could I? I should have. The most pleasant thing I could say about  A Dance With Dragons  was that it felt like a first draft sorely in need of an editor. T