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Making your own beer: Greatest. Hobby. Ever.

I recently got into home brewing and I absolutely love it. I thought I'd share my experience as a first-time brewer, because I still can't get over the idea that, even though I made a few blunders along the way, I made a beer that tastes way better than stuff I normally buy - and for just a fraction of the cost.  Anyway, here are my beer notes: BEER SPECIFICS Batch no. 1 - Pa cific Pale Ale Beer kit brand: Morgan’s Brewing date: 21 May 2023 Bottling date: 30 May 2023 Tasting date: 25 June 2023 RECIPE Batch size: 23 L Sugars / malts: Aussie Brewmakers Beer Improver ( 1 kg) Yeast: supplied with beer kit (1 sachet), and later SafAle S-04 (11.5 g sachet) Pitching temperature: circa. 26 degrees Celsius Fermentation temperature: 22.5 – 23.5 degrees Celsius with Kegland controller BREWING NOTES 21/5 Beer brewed. Specifically, what I did was heat a 1.5 kg beer kit and add it to my fermenting vessel (FV) with the Beer Improver and 23 L of water. I pitched the sachet of

Hissrich destroyed Netflix’s "The Witcher"

Some years ago, back when it was announced that  The Witcher was coming to TV, fans of Sapkowski’s books gave showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich some very blunt advice: if you want to succeed, don't fuck around with the source material. She told fans not to worry. When the first season dropped, casual watchers were pretty happy. Fans of Sapkowski were...also pretty happy. I thought the critics got it right - 68% feels pretty fair. I didn't mind the show. I wasn't exactly in love with a lot of the group combat scenes, and it felt a bit too much like a soap opera masquerading as a fantasy saga. Definitely had room to improve, but still, overall it wasn't bad. Unfortunately Hissrich's second season was not received well by fans.   I'd just like to highlight the massive disconnect between the professional critics and reality here. The fans definitely weren't fooled. In this season, Hissrich really started cooking Sapkowski's lore to shit. Bone-headed writing. T