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Psst! Hey! Wanna know what a Snickers tastes like Down Under? *November '22 update!*

^^ Here's a fucken clue. Once upon a time, Mars Wrigley made Snickers bars in Australia, in Ballarat, but then ceased and began importing them from China (and sneakily dropping the weight from 53g to 50g). The company maintains that it's a temporary measure while they refit their factory or some such, but they've been saying that for about half a decade now so the claim seems somewhat... dubious. Anyway, Aussie Snickers used to have: fresh, unbroken roasted peanuts thick, sweet caramel quality milk chocolate.  They were absolutely delicious. In contrast, Chinese Snickers seems to have: stale, pulverised peanuts bland caramel nasty off-brand chocolate. Basically, Chinese Snickers tastes like factory floor sweepings pressed into a rectangular prism. And we're paying top dollar - 2 fucking dollars in fact! - for a single bar. It's a total rip-off. Snickers Australia's Facebook page was copping so much shit from the public over the decision to import Snickarse bars